Tuesday, March 08, 2011

TOADism അഥവാ കിണറ്റിലെ തവളകളുടെ കച്ചിത്തുരുമ്പ്

TOADism is an ideology based on an emerging, all encompassing "Theory of Apparent Disgust" aka TOAD which explains everything related to human beings from fighting plagues to eating plants. The proponents of TOADism warn that, to get complete grip on this attractive and fashionable ideology one must shed all other obsolete ideologies that might have polluted one's otherwise noble intellect.

TOADism as the name implies is rather peculiar with several remarkable features. TOADism has both genetic and epigenetic characteristics. In order to ensure proper cognitive manifestation across generation, all the off springs are given thorough education on TOADism with utmost care, dedication, and with a special attention to details about seemingly inanimate objects such as cooking vessels and spoons. In addition, several scriptures and books were written elaborating the process as well as detailing protocols to ensure proper implementation of TOADism. The vast infrastructural network put in place to protect and preserve TOADism is unparalleled in its dedication and single mindedness in the history of preservation of a natural cognitive human response. Obviously, there must be some solid scientific reason for putting such enormous amount of human resources and efforts into protecting and preserving TOADism. Not surprisingly, recent disciples of evolutionary psychology has declared that TOADism had given distinct survival advantages to its TOADs over those lived outside the well! You see, that famous "Bard of Avon" was quite prophetic when he wrote, "all is well if you are in the well"!

Human brain exhibits remarkable plasticity when it comes to cognitive responses. TOADism is no exception. Therefore, it is imperative that some individuals exhibit deviant behavior due to aberrant cognitive responses, environmental changes as well as due to peer pressure. If an off spring deviate from TOADism he/she will be immediately isolated, outcasted and labeled NOMADs (No More Apparent Disgust). Obviously becoming NOMAD is a serious crime often punishable with death sentence under the law of TOADs. The details of punishment is also documented with illustrations of various methods of torture, impairment and degradation.

More importantly, not all citizens are entitled to TOADism. Only few elites in the society are considered masters of TOADism. Whether TOADs made the masters or masters made the TOADs is still a paradox (TOAD's paradox) waiting to be solved. Currently, many genius "scientists" are in pursuit of this problem, devouring all kind of science fiction literature published to date and are likely to come up with a solution pretty soon.

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